Dove: Real Beauty or Scripted?

This video released by Dove has gotten a great deal of traffic.  The first time I saw it I wanted to cry. Why do women have a hard time seeing past their internal insecurities?  Yes, you are beautiful just as you are, flaws and all.

I watched it again…One woman said it would change the wayshe treated other people including her children. Why would she treat her children different just because someone else thought she was beautiful?  That statement confused me.

Is Dove still focused on the external? These women were all attractive and slender.   We get that women have a tendency to not appreciate our own beauty.  What about women that don’t live up to the accepted standard of beauty.  Either because of age or weight or maybe awkward features, these women should be celebrated too.  So what do you think, social changing campaign or  really slick advertising that makes us want to rush out and buy Dove so we to can feel pretty too?

You are beatiful so turn up the music and dance!

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