Oblivion: Do you follow the rules or question them?

Are you a person that is in awe of the miracle of life or do you glare at the world with a suspicious squint?
Surprise! Date night with my Mr. D & H to Boerne’s new Starplex! http://www.starplexcinemas.com/ Little Boerne, Texas is moving up in the world. Of course after 26 years as a couple and four kids I’m easy to impress.

We went to the movie Oblivion, with Tom Cruise. I love thrillers, love stories and si-fi so I was excited about this one. I have to say Tom Cruise is a master of his craft. We won’t spend time talking about his personal life, because when he is on the screen he becomes that character.

Where there plot holes? Yeah, but the character and story kept me engaged to the point I over looked any inconstancies. The visuals alone in this movie are worth seeing. Talk about big set pieces.

Oblivion with Tom Cruise
Oblivion with Tom Cruise

The overall message I left with? Hope. I’m amazed by the resilience of the human race to live and find beauty in the world around us, even if that world has been destroyed. Books, art and music are at the very core of who we are as people, creative beings that look at the world in wonder. The profound emotions when your team wins in a no-win last minute play. The glory when the underdog triumphs. Love so deep you would sacrifice everything you know to stand against what you thought was true.

Do you question rules and reasons or do you play it safe? Jack, the hero, carefully transplants a flower he finds and waters it. When he brings it up to surprise his partner, she throws it out the window. It could be contaminated and it is against policy to bring anything from Earth’s surface into the house.

Do you follow the rules to keep everyone you love safe or question what they tell you is truth? Go see the movie and decide who you identify with the most.

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