H is for Hero – Do you really need one?

I’m a child of the 80’s and one of my favorite past-times was watching MTV at my BF, DeDe’s house. (I lived out of town and only got four stations.) Bonnie Taylor’s song, Holding Out for a Hero, was one we loved watching over and over again. Looking at it now I find it a little bazaar and twisted.

My mom said, “She doesn’t need a hero, get that girl a gun.” My mother was a wee bit independent and yes, we had a 22 hanging over our front door. Always loaded, because you might need it, but that’s a story for another day.

Now I write about hero’s and post pictures of my favorites.

Hugh starts with an H too.
Hugh starts with an H too.

Yes, readers and writers know the difference between reality and fantasy. That’s the point. I mean when we watched Wizard of Oz we knew clicking our heels wouldn’t get us anywhere, we might imagine it, but we knew it wouldn’t really happen.

Same way with the heroes in romance novels. We want them to seem real, but not too real. That’s part of the fun, right?

There are all kind of heroes: the bad boy, the lawman, superheroes, and poets. You have the classic prince and outlaw. Some tortured souls and others are healers. The warriors and protectors stand strong above all others. The man that will sacrifice all for love even his ego.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor - in the rain.
Chris Hemsworth as Thor – in the rain.
Come on, I can’t talk about heroes without at least one picture of Thor. (Shout out Joni Hahn and Sasha Summers)

When we close the book, the real heroes are in our lives, men and women that are there everyday, are waiting for us even when we sneak away to another world.

What is your favorite kind of hero? If you leave a name or post a photo, I’m add them to my hero board in pinterest.

One more of Hugh, just because I can.
One more of Hugh, just because I can.

I got this idea from my daughter’s blog