The Heart of Small Towns: Book Signing at Bergmann Lumber

Join me Saturday August 2  11:00 at Bergmann Lumber for the book signing of my second book, Lone Star Hero.

Walking down Main Street in my hometown of Boerne, Texas is one of my favorite things to do on a beautiful Hill Country day. I love life in a small town. People know people. They know your grandmother, your cousins and your children. People have long memories and will talk about people and days gone by at a drop of a hat.

Main Street Boerne Texas, Bergmann Lumber. Family owned for three generations.  Taken by Jolene Navarro
Main Street Boerne Texas, Bergmann Lumber. Family owned for three generations. Taken by Jolene Navarro

You have a history. You’re part of a story. You belong.

I also love writing about it. I have created a fictional town called Clear Water, Texas.  With less than 400 people in this town it would be consider small by anyone’s standards.  Generations of ranchers, workers and business owners share a common history, good, bad and sometimes ugly. Preschooler to twelfth graders are on the same school campus. Community is strong. Not a great deal has changed there over the years. And yes it has a great deal in common with the town of Leakey Texas where my parents, grandparents and great grandparents have strong roots.

In my second story with Harlequin’s Love Inspired Line, Vickie Lawson comes home after her dreams are shattered. She is looking to rebuild a solid future in her old town for her kids. Her childhood sweetheart, Jake Torres, challenges her resolve to stay clear of all men.

Lone Star Hero by Jolene Navarro. August 1 2014

It it easy to fuse fiction and fact.  In my fictional stories of Clear Water Texas there is a hardware store on Main Street, called Bergmann Lumber.  Just like my made up business, the real one in Boerne is a family owned businesses that has survived the big box stores. When other mom and pop shops have closed and moved on, the Bergmanns has found a way to redefine themselves and keep the charm of small town alive on our Main Street in Boerne.
In honor of Texas small towns and family I encourage you to take the time to shop small, it can make a big difference in our communities.

I’m proud to announce my second book signing at Bergamnn Lumber, the real one.

I will be signing copies of Lone Star Hero on Main Street in Boerne at Bergmann Lumber August 2 from 11:00 am until 2:00pm.

Family owned lumber and home décor for three generations. Bergmann Lumber on Boerne Main Street.

Main Street Boerne Texas, Bergmann Lumber

The two story limestone building is a historical site and owned by the same family for three generations. Randy Bergmann and his daughters have managed to reinvent their store front and focus on customer service.


Oblivion: Do you follow the rules or question them?

Are you a person that is in awe of the miracle of life or do you glare at the world with a suspicious squint?
Surprise! Date night with my Mr. D & H to Boerne’s new Starplex! Little Boerne, Texas is moving up in the world. Of course after 26 years as a couple and four kids I’m easy to impress.

We went to the movie Oblivion, with Tom Cruise. I love thrillers, love stories and si-fi so I was excited about this one. I have to say Tom Cruise is a master of his craft. We won’t spend time talking about his personal life, because when he is on the screen he becomes that character.

Where there plot holes? Yeah, but the character and story kept me engaged to the point I over looked any inconstancies. The visuals alone in this movie are worth seeing. Talk about big set pieces.

Oblivion with Tom Cruise
Oblivion with Tom Cruise

The overall message I left with? Hope. I’m amazed by the resilience of the human race to live and find beauty in the world around us, even if that world has been destroyed. Books, art and music are at the very core of who we are as people, creative beings that look at the world in wonder. The profound emotions when your team wins in a no-win last minute play. The glory when the underdog triumphs. Love so deep you would sacrifice everything you know to stand against what you thought was true.

Do you question rules and reasons or do you play it safe? Jack, the hero, carefully transplants a flower he finds and waters it. When he brings it up to surprise his partner, she throws it out the window. It could be contaminated and it is against policy to bring anything from Earth’s surface into the house.

Do you follow the rules to keep everyone you love safe or question what they tell you is truth? Go see the movie and decide who you identify with the most.

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How do you dance when you want to cry?

How do you find the will to dance when the rain has turned into a hail storm pounding on your spirit?

Texas Sunset
Texas Sunset

Today in the very act of celebrating human perseverance and endurance a random act of vicious hatred stopped us in our tracks and knocked us off our feet.  We want to know why, but even if we get an  answer we still can’t fathom the choice to murder innocents.

As Americans our differences fade at times like this and we stand stronger as one.

On a personal level, I got a message on facebook today that my uncle had passed away.  Over the weekend, one co-worker had unexpectedly lost his wife leaving him with two small children; another co-worker’s son was in a horrible car wreck and is in the trauma center. A whole family, not far from our home town was killed by a drunk driver, and then I get in the car and hear about the violence in Boston.

Yes, as Christians we are told to praise the storms. They build character; make us stronger. God won’t give us more than we can handle.  We hear these platitudes over and over again.

Oh, but I think we get more than we can handle all the time. The trick is how we deal with the overwhelming aches. Does your faith get you through? 

Before I even received half of the news above, today I was talking with my principal. We were wondering how people get through life without faith. It is through my faith I gain strength when I’m at my weakest.

Yes, we are to celebrate and praise even in the hard times, but we also need a time to weep and mourn.

Matthew 11:28, Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

 One thing we can do is pray and send positive thoughts of peace to the world.  Back in January a friend blogged about world peace. Kinley, I think we could use a little more optimistic wishes today, so I’m sharing your post from January.