Christmas is early – Lone Star Holiday arrived in book form

I have always loved getting boxes from the UPS man. Today was extra special, he brought me a box of my book, Lone Star Holiday, by Jolene Navarro. Heartwarming Inspirational Romance. Love Inspired.

Yes that is all on the cover, along with my hero, Cowboy Pastor John Levi and his daughter Celeste decorating a Christmas tree. Well here’s a picture.

Harlequin sent me a box full of my books today.
Harlequin sent me a box full of my books today.

I was so excited when the UPS man delivered them I told him what was in the box. He said his wife loved reading those so I asked him if he wanted one for her. He seemed excited too.

After he left I realized I had my first book signing on the front steps of my house and no picture.

Here is a snippet from the story:

“Are you lost?”

His deep Texas drawl washed over her.  Lorrie Ann shook her head and searched for words. “No, but I’m sure that depends on who you ask.” Raising her gaze, she flashed her best smile. In California it had never failed her.

Instead, he glanced off into the pasture, at the cows. “Is that your car up ahead?”

She sighed. Apparently, Texas cowboys were a completely different breed from the men she had been working with in Los Angeles.

“Yeah, I ran out of gas.”

“Anyone I can call for you?”

“No, no really as soon as I get my phone I’m good.”

He turned that devastating smile back on her. “How your phone ended up in a cow pasture is bound to be an interesting story.” He held his hand out to her, the fence still between them. “I’m John Levi.”

Lorrie Ann smiled back at him, a genuine smile this time. It felt good. The past couple years anything real had been hard to find.

The book will be in stores October, but you can pre-order on Amazon or Barns & Noble to get a copy in September.  I’m setting up book signing now, so stay tuned.  If you follow my blog you’ll get the lasted updates. I’m not very good at keeping a secret, so will also so up on my author page on facebook too.