A for Aging – 9 Sexy men over 50…Who is the 10th

The first day of the A to Z blog challenge is here!

I have been thinking about age…my Mr. Dark & Handsome just turned 50! What!? How could that  be – we are still so young, right? Everyone says that 50 is the new 30 and with Mr. D&H I think it might be true. As we age so are our favorite actors. Hey, that starts with an A also.  So I made a list of a few of my favorite aging actors that are taking a bite out of middle-age and making it a time to celebrate life. Aging is not a bad thing – it is either get older or die so I want to age with joy and pride. And if my Mr. D&H ages as these guys – well score for me. HAHA

# 1 One of my first TV crushes. He has loved and lost. After saying he would never marry again he has found love for the second time.

Pierce Brosnan Irish age 61
Pierce Brosnan Irish age 61
Pierce Brosnan  age 61
Pierce Brosnan age 61
Pierce Brosnan Irish age 61
Pierce Brosnan age 61 With his wife.

# 2 Denzel Washington, 60 – I think I fell in love with him in Glory. He seems so down to earth and grounded. A hard, gritty core surrounded by class and sophistication. What is not to love.

Denzel Washington, age 60
Denzel Washington, age 60
Denzel Washington, age 60 One of the men Jolene loves

#3 George Clooney 53. The man who says he will never marries then when in his 50s falls hard. George is another one that had gotten better with age and you can’t have a list of sexy over 50 without him on it.

You can't have a list of older Sexy Men without George Clooney 53
You can’t have a list of older Sexy Men without George Clooney 53


#4 Yes, Uncle Jesse is 51. He sings, makes music and has a silly side that is adorable. John Stamos is the image of classic Greek.

John Stamos age 51
John Stamos age 51
John Stamos age 51
John Stamos age 51
John Stamos age 51
John Stamos age 51

# 5 Robert Downey Jr has had a hard journey and is open an honest about past mistakes. We love the reformed bad boy, don’t we? He’s smart, funny and I imagine high maintenance to live with and love. But you can’t help but love him. Mr. Iron man just turned 50.

avengers-black-sabbath robert-downey-jr-286x300

Robert Downey Jr 50
Robert Downey Jr 50

#6 Angelina’s man, Brad Pitt is 53. Father of six has a gaze you can’t look away from and that jaw. I love a strong jaw. What do you think of the scruff with grey, Sexy/Not? I say yes.

Brad-Pitt-2015-Images Brad-Pitt-y-su-esposa-la-actri_54423187433_54028874188_960_639 angelina-jolie-honors-unbroken-at-afi-awards-with-brad-pitt

#7  Jon Bon Jovi 53 is still married to his high school sweetheart. They were married the same year Mr. D&H married me. (1989) I would think being being married to a star rocker could be a challenge but they seem to have made it work. Again with the jaw!

200-size-musician-jon-bon-jovi-celebrity-singer-rockstar-rock-sexy-men-aarp.imgcache.rev1337264128400.web 1354228151_bon-jovi-467 Jon Bon Jovi# 8 Approaching 50 Hugh Jackman has attacked middle age with the fierceness of  Wolverine. And talk about triple threat this man can do it all.  Plus he has been married for twenty years to a women that is ten years older than him.

#87mCXFxAyoNEl en-celebworkout-11 2deb-and-hugh

#9 Fred Navarro

My hero
My hero
Enjoying Life.
Enjoying Life.

2014-football-1So I’m proud of my own hero – I think he can hold his own with the best of them.

So that leaves number 10 – I need your help. Who did I forget? Who would you put on the list?

In Love with Anti-Valentine War Movies

I write love stories. Therefore, Valentine’s Day should be like my National Holiday, right? Wrong. It is the one and only day I will go to a war movie. Twenty-seven years ago, I had my first Valentine’s Day date with the man that would become my life mate. I wanted to see Say Anything.


but he wanted to see Platoon.

I was young and giddy with love so as any girl would do I agreed to see his movie.
I hate war movies and avoid them at all cost, but I have to say Platoon was one of the best movies I had ever seen.
Hey, I grew up on Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club. I do love my happy endings and war movies by their very nature do not have happy endings.

That compromise began a tradition. It would become our anti-Valentine war movie date. Over the years, we went on to see Good Morning Vietnam, Glory and Saving Private Ryan to name a few.
It helped that Glory starred Mr. Denzel Washington, 6a00d83451c20869e200e54f1231078833-800wi
but I digress.

These are all movies that I would never had bought a ticket to see, but worth every dime. There is a great deal to learn about human nature in a well done war movie. There are images that stay planted in my mind, such as floating body parts. Does it make me a better person to get out of my comfort zone and leave my safe world of happy ever after? Maybe.

I have to tell you, it is not always easy to find a war movie during February. This year we lucked out with Zero Dark Thirty.Zero-Dark-Thirty
Can’t wait. She says with a lopsided grin and one eyebrow raised. It has worked for us for Twenty-seven years now, so I’m not messing with a good thing.

Do you have a traditional Valentine tradition or Anti-Valentine tradition?
While we’re talking about it let me know if you have seen any good war movie lately. (Good War –is that an oxymoron?) Do you have a favorite war movie?