Are you living your life or a default script?

Watching this video reminded me of the words my father told me my senior year when I was trying to plan my future. My father was a professional airline pilot, he flew commercial planes, he flew small planes, at one time he and his best friend Ken Taylor built their own plane. My father loved flying. He lived in a place he loved, doing what he loved. My father, Roger Von Guinther, was 49 when he died as a passenger in a small plane. If he had known, would he had changed anything? His family and planes brought him many hours of joy.

Katrina, Storm and Jackson hanging out in one of Poppy's planes.
The grandkids, Katrina, Storm and Jackson hanging out in one of Poppy’s plane.

That night, twenty-eight years ago, my father sat at the foot of my bed and asked about my future plane is still clear in my mind.  What my father said that night. His advice: find what you love and do it the best you can. I have to admit it took me a bit to figure it out but I’m more happy with my life right now than ever before, art and writing fill my tank. I have a sister that teaches yoga. Our baby my  travels across Texas pulling a stock trailer from show to show. Daddy said many time he just wanted us to be happy…I think his wish for our lives have come true.

Roger Guinther with Tracye, Mandy and Jolene in front of his 57 T-Bird.

Life gets busy but I do believe with work, perseverance and being ready when the opportunity arrives you can live the life of your dreams. What path did you choose: safety or bliss?

Do you guide your children to a career promising security and wealth or one that fills their passion?