A diary of a World War II soldier. My Grandfather, Forrest Freeman French

In honor of Memorial Day, I’m posting entries from my grandfather’s diary. The following is one week out of a diary my grandfather, Forrest Freeman French, kept during World War II.

Forrest Freeman French, WWII soldier 7th Div. Co. "K" 184th Infantry.
Forrest Freeman French, WWII soldier 7th Div. Co. “K” 184th Infantry.

These written words have special meaning to me because I never got to meet my mother’s beloved father. Through his writing, during WWII, I get to know him.

Soldiers were told not supposed to keep a journal but he did. The passages are short and brief but capture a time in his life I could never imagine. The sacrifice of so many in order for us to live free. A young Texas Farm boy grows up fast on the other side of the world in Okinawa.

I share these to honor all the men and women that stepped forward in the hardest times to fight for a way of life we can easily take for granted.

On this Memorial Day may you take a moment to honor and remember all the ones that didn’t make it home.

Next Monday I’ll post the second week.


May 4, 1945

Was assigned to the 7th Div. Co. “K” 184th Infantry. They are up on the lines now. We’ll be carried as far as possible by truck then will have to march the rest of the way.


May 5, 1945

Pushed off before dawn to join my outfit. We held services before we left. Am now just behind the lines. Saw my first dead G.I.s. Three of them dead for three days. Can’t get to them. Sure gave me the shivers. Have seen dead enemy soldiers all along the way. They are paying heavy. Not heavy enough to suit me.


May 6, 1945

Air raids are every night and sometimes more than once. Have seen quite a few shot down. Today is the first day on the lines for me. We didn’t shove off as everyone needs to get settled.


May 7, 1945

Spent my first night on the lines. Didn’t get any sleep as they are giving us hell. Some of the men that came in with me got it last night. I don’t think they even know what hit them. This is a living hell.


May 8, 1945

Made my first kill today. He was quite close. Slipped up during the night. Don’t feel much different than before except maybe a little more satisfied.


May 9, 1945

Rumor is that we will be relieved tomorrow and go back for ten days rest. We need it as nearly half of the company has been wounded or killed. We are at a place called Conico Peak. Here is where we ran into most of the trouble. Sure hope the rumor is true for we need a rest.


May 10, 1945

I thank God with all my heart for we were relieved this morning and am now waiting for trucks to take us about ten miles behind the lines. I feel sorry for the boys in the 96th Div. They relieved us and in for all out hell at Conico Peak.

I could run in heels too if I was chasing Chris Pratt and what about those Chickens!

Last weekend we went to see Jurassic World. I was not to sure about it. I mean really, how many time can you recreate a dinosaur and convince yourself this time no one will be eaten? Oh, but this one has something or should I say someone different – a hero that is funny and bad ass at the same time. And can ride a motorcycle like …well you have to see the movie.  Just in case you need reminders of who Chris Pratt is – I have added pictures.

Chris Pratt goofy and bad ass at the same time.
Chris Pratt goofy and bad ass at the same time.
Chris Pratt looking sexy sweet for Jurassic World
Chris Pratt looking sexy sweet for Jurassic World
Chris Pratt with his motorcycle in Jurassic Park.
Chris Pratt with his motorcycle in Jurassic Park.

I really enjoyed it. But again I’m easy to please if you give me a little action, a hot guy with a little romance and a cute kid. There is a reason I’m a romance writer.

I do think one of the reasons this was such a hit was the star himself. How can you not love Chris Pratt? From chubby goofy guy to hot sexy guy that doesn’t take himself too seriously – when he found his chiseled body he didn’t loose the humor. He’s the kind of guy you want to have at your side if you have to run for your life. Even if you have to run in heels or protect the margaritas as you dodge flying dinos looking for a snack.

Here he is explaining how he has to warm-up for his action shots – Did I mention he was goofy?

A tweet from my editor is what actually sent me on a Chris Pratt hunt – Zookeepers are recreating the moment when Chris Pratt has to hold back his meat eating dinosaurs from making a meal out of one of the hired help.  I just had to share. You have to check these out and tell me the one with the chickens did not make you laugh. Dare you.

Zookeepers are recreating Chris Pratt moves in Jurassic World

Since we are on the topic – here are some more funny moments with Chris Pratt.

Why we find Chris Pratt an adorable goofball and sexy too. He pulls off both very well.

So have you seen Jurassic World? What did you think. Are you a Chris Pratt fan?