New Title…New Cover…

Cover Revel

The Texan’s Unexpected Holiday

Damian De La Rosa is the hero I have received the most messages about. Each asking if he was getting his own book.

It’s here!

Best of all it’s a Christmas story. Finding the perfect partner for him was a challenge, because he was not an easy person to get to know. But Lexy Zapata pushed right past those walls and made him happy she did….

Can one Christmas change everything?

Temporary shelter…

or new forever home?

Driven to get her sister and baby niece out of a dangerous situation, Lexy Zapata brings them with her to her new job near Damian De La Rosa’s family’s ranch. Now they can stay hidden through the holidays while Lexy plans their next move. But when she starts to fall for Damian, can his ranch become her family’s safe haven for good?

From Harlequin Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

Cowboys of Diamondback Ranch

Book 1: The Texan’s Secret Daughter

Book 2: The Texan’s Surprise Return

Book 3: The Texan’s Promise

Book 4: The Texan’s Unexpected Holiday

Coming Dec 1

3 thoughts on “New Title…New Cover…

  1. I M B

    I did enjoy the story, but in two instances Damien cleared the chambers of two different weapons, one rifle and one handgun. On p16, he ‘cleared the chamber’, and on p184, he ‘released the cartridge then tossed the gun’. Presumably both weapons were magazine fed, so he would have ejected the round in the chamber but chambered the next round in the magazine. I am interested in how a person with one hand can rack a pistol and a rifle. If you know of a pistol this can be done with I would be interested in learning of it because I would think that could be very handy.

    I also did not know Texas requires registration of gun owners. I live in Washington State and no registration or licensure is required to own firearms, just to carry concealed.

    1. jolenenavarro

      Hi. I have a cousin that does this with a rifle at a shooting range or skeet shooting. So I know it can be done. The handgun was my slip. I didn’t run it past him just my son in law (marine) So that was my mistake. In Texas in order to carry a hand gun you have to have a concealed handgun certification. It is a one day training and not very expensive. Thank you so much for you input. I always get nervous writing about guns because even though I grew up in a house with guns and was taught the basics for safety, I don’t use them myself. I should have had my cousin read both sections. He in a group that host one arm duck hunts.

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