Ice Ice Baby, Can Ice Help You Lose Weight?

I for Ice. Yes it is a healthy food.
I for Ice. Yes it is a healthy food.

I LOVE ice. Crushed ice is the best. When I’m sick or sad I want ice. Ice helps me wake up in the morning. I eat ice the way some people need coffee. At work I start my day getting a large cup of ice.

If I start feeling sluggish I refill my mug of ice.




Ice water can speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat. (a little bit anyway)
Ice water can speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat. (a little bit anyway)

My favorite ice is from Sonic. I’m thinking many other people like it too because they started bagging it for sell. If I have good ice I will drink twice a much water.

So when I saw that drinking cold ice water could help with fat loss – well, I printed that baby up and put it in my healthy food file.

The science behind this claim? When the body is exposed to cold tempertures it will go into over drive to keep the core temputure at a nice warm 98.6 degrees. Metabolism will rev up it’s internal  heater to get your body back to toasty happy  tempture.

For every 16 ounce of ice water you can burn and extra 17 to 18 calories. It doesn’t sound like much, but for not getting on the bike it is extra calories you wouldn’t have burned otherwise. So yes, drinking ice waters burns more calories than are in the water & ice (hint: there are no calories in water or ice which iswater in solid form. More ice is more water). So if you are changing your diet and moving more, drinking ice water can give you a little edge.  I love it when something I crave has good benifits.

Do you love ice, crushed ice? I couldn’t think of any other I foods once I saw ice was good for you.

10 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby, Can Ice Help You Lose Weight?

  1. Ice water goes with me wherever I go 😉 I’ve been known to run back into the house if I forget my cup. Oh….. and let’s not forget…ice isn’t just for drinks…it’s an athletes best friend too haha

    1. jolenenavarro

      Thank you. It’s a selfie I took outside a Movie Place while waiting for my husband. It was raining and being bored I noticed the parking lot light back lighting the umbrella. LOL You should have seen me trying to take a selfie without looking like I was taking a selfie.I was thinking this could work for a new blog image. I wasn’t too sure about using it and waited a couple of months. So thank you. I think I’m going to take the idea to a prof photographer I know and see if he can make it more professional looking.

      1. L. E. Carmichael

        It’s great! It’s fits the theme and you look beautiful. The lighting really is gorgeous.

  2. Joni Hahn

    I LOVE crushed ice. Anytime the dh and I want a cold drink, we go to Sonic for that reason. I wish I had the option for crushed ice on my refrigerator. Between water and tea, I easily drink 64 oz a day. Always cold, and always with ice.

    1. jolenenavarro

      I was going to say something about the ice in the hospital. I have given birth four time and one of the things I loved the best (other than getting to hold that new baby for the first time) was the ice! I swear it is the same as sonic’s ice.

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