I – Inspiration What kind of hero are you inspired by?

I Inspiration
I – Inspiration

I write in a genre that is called inspirational. I take messed up people and help them through a journey of self discovery and of course love.  I do wright romance after all. I love a hero that carries scars inside and out. Sometimes a real life hero comes to my attention and I’m captivated by their strength and fearlessness.

When I was younger I would always wonder what if…what if I lost both of my parents…what if I was in an accident and lost my ability to walk…what if I lost my eyesight…my journal was full of stories about other people that had survived horrible events and I wondered if I would have the courage and faith to stay strong. Was my faith real are just an act I could use in good times?

I think that is why I love writing stories of people overcoming huge obstacle and finding their own happy ending. I like having that kind of control. (LOL just ask Fred)

There is one TV show I watch now, Dancing with the Stars. If you follow me on Faceboock you have seen the video of Veteran Noah Galloway dancing to American Solider.  He lost his left arm and leg in an explosion. I think his story is breathtaking and if I wrote it as a fictional inspirational romance, people would not believe it.

You have to watch the video. #noexcuses.

So do you have excuses for not doing  things you should be doing?

Confession time. I am living out many of my dreams but I need to move more…I need to take better care of my phyical health. Oh, I have plenty of excuses…I’m busy….I’m tired…I sit in the car for almost two hours a day…I have a deadline…I don’t have time.  OK people no more excuses.

So what are you avoiding, where are you using excuses?

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