Scotland…as Americans we are fascinated with this land it’s history and the people – Kilts are a whole fascination on their own.  Scotland is on my short, short bucket list as in number one or two. Meeting Hugh Jackman would be my other….but I think I have a better chance at Scotland.The did get to go to the Highland Games outside of San Antonio Texas (not the same but I did see kilts and hear some great music) Kilts A fellow writer just got back from Scotland and filled her blog with wonderful pictures. I also had a friend met Hugh Jackman, but she didn’t have any pictures. Thanks you Willa Blair for sharing your photos.

Willa Blair

Scotland is everything they say it is–and more.  Beautiful, mystical, historical, sunny, misty, fortified, spirited…I could go on, but for once, I’d rather show you!

Have you dreamed of being on the water? Or of what might be in it?

Lochs Lomond, Lochy and Ness

Might you fancy a Wee Dram?

Or care to try your hand at hunting with a hawk, or owl, or eagle?

Have you touched a Standing Stone or seen a Fairy Ring?

At Clava Cairns

Or visited a Castle or Manor House?

Stirling, Cawdor, Blair, Edinburgh, and St.Andrews Castles, Holyrood Palace, Culloden and Cameron Houses

Seen the heather in bloom in the Highlands, or visited breathtaking gardens?

If my pictures make you long to be in Scotland, go!  It’s not too late to enjoy more of the 2014 Year of Homecoming events.  Or wait for next spring.  Whenever you visit, you’ll have a wonderful time!

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2 thoughts on “SCOTLAND!

    1. jolenenavarro

      I’ll let you know when I go. I’m trying to figure out a way to get a Scottish hero in a kilt in my small town Texas story. 😀

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