What I learned from Alexandra Sokoloff

What I learned from Alexandra Sokoloff

My favorite week n my writing life is just around the corner.  West Texas A&M Writer’s Academy http://wtamu.edu/academics/eod-writing-academy.aspx hosted by Jodi Thomas.

I will spend five days with a small group of writers led by Alexandra Sokoloff to brainstorm, stretch our story, twist the plot points and turn the predictable into the unexpected.

May the 24th I got to visit with a wonderful group of writers in the Dallas area, DARA  http://www.dallasromanceauthors.com/ and shared a little bit of what I’ve learned about story structure. Below is my powerpoint, a blank chart and  a picture of my story board.


Story Structure 2    Act_and_sequence_chart_blank

Three Act Structure Story Board
Three Act Structure Story Board

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