E for Eating Habits – Good, Bad & Ugly

We use to know our food – we grew it, we gathered it or we stalked it. I remember my parent’s huge garden. We would eat corn and green beans right off the plant. It was so good.
Now-a-days it seems my family has become separated from the source of our life.

But eating is also the heart of our culture – we use it to celebrate, socialize and grieve. Joy, comfort and grief are wrapped up in our food.
When we are not sure what to do we will reach out with food. It’s no wonder we can develop an unhealthy relationship with the source of our health.
My goal is to become a more conscious eater.

One of my family’s favorites.

Ready to Roast Fresh Brussel Sprouts & Carrots
Open grilled burgers are a favorite at home or festivals

St. Raymond Catholic Church
Open grill at Leakey’s July Jubilee

What is a festival without funnel cake. If you only eat it once a year – that’s not bad is it?

Funnel Cake!
Funnel Cake!
When I was little I couldn't eat asparagus, now it is one of my favorites
When I was little I couldn’t eat asparagus, now it is one of my favorites
How can you go wrong with beacon, cream cheese and a pepper.
How can you go wrong with beacon, cream cheese and a pepper.

Fast food and eating in the car is just about as ugly as it gets. I would put a picture, but I don’t want any evidence that I have ever done that.
Do you have foods you love that are not good for you or do you love the foods that are good for you?

4 thoughts on “E for Eating Habits – Good, Bad & Ugly

  1. You are so right on this Jolene! I have my garden in and will soon start posting the “Garden Aggression” chapter in my blog. I did it a few years ago and it was fun, especially since everyone who knows me will know that I would be more successful with a pen full of mama cows than a garden! Can’t wait until July!!

  2. I love the mix of healthy and plain-delicious here! I’m the same way about feeling connected with the source of food.

    We grow some vegetables in our garden with varying success. If we had to depend on that garden to survive, we’d be in trouble though. LOL

    1. jolenenavarro

      I miss having a big garden. We manage a few tomato plants, and I don’t even like tomatoes. My goal this year is to eat less fast food and visit the farmers market weekly. We have one in Boerne and I haven’t even gone yet

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