Hughsday & Freday collide!

Hughsday & Freday collide!

A few months back I deemed the day after Monday – Hughsday. You know for Hugh Jackman. Why not, right? He seems to be a truly beautiful man, husband, father and all around talent.

My hero
My hero
Fred in New Orleans
Fred in New Orleans

There is another amazing man in my life, Fred Navarro. (I pretend Hugh is actually in my life – I’m good at fiction) I know first hand that Fred is an outstanding man, husband father. Well, I gave him his own day also….because I can. He gets my favorite day, Freday.
Today the universe is aligning my obsessions hobbies on this special Hughsday, March 25, Fred turns 49. SO the two days have collided into one perfect day for me. Happy Birthday Fred Navarro.

Enjoying Life.
Enjoying Life.

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