Decorating with Memories


I love pulling out the boxes of Christmas decorations. Almost all of them have a memory attached. I fill my house with Nativity scenes. I have several, from ceramic glazed sets to plastic ones I got so the kids could play with them.


Today I’m posting pictures of the naivety scene my mother made when I was about eight years old. She poured the molds and glazed the set. A few of the pieces have been bumped and dinged but they are the first thing I set up in my house and the last thing I put away.

My tree is covered with angels and handmade ornaments form my kids. Almost every single treasure has a story attached. One of the first that goes on the tree is a white plastic reindeer with one antler missing. When I was about five my grandmother’s mother, Granny, let me pick any ornament off her tree. She had some beautiful heirloom decorations, but my little-kid-self skipped right over those and went for the flying reindeer. There were times in the past I didn’t appreciate the little plastic guy and he would be left in the box of odd and end pieces. Now, he is one of my favorites.


Do you have an ornament or decoration that carries more sentimental value than monetary? I would love to hear your stories.

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