Favorite Fair Foods?

In April, I started with The Highlands Games, moved to King Williams Art and Craft Fair during Fiesta in San Antonio and visited the July Jubilee in Leakey Texas during well, July. Watching parades, walking through the booths of arts and craft, listening to local musicians all happens around the food. Smells of grilled burgers, fried bread and cotton candy. Since the beginning of humanity celebrations and festivals have always includes food venders.St. Raymond Catholic Church


 Food on a stick is believed to be one of the first tools used by humans! No matter how far we evolve some things never change. For hundreds of years we have put candied fruit on a stick. Credit for the fall favorite, candied apple on a stick goes to New Jersey.

Candied Apple
Candied Apple

The Texas State fair claims credit for the invention of the corn dog in the early 1940s, but The Minnesota State Fair says it is theirs.

Corn Dogs
Texas State fair Corn Dogs – fried bread wrapped around wiener

Either way it opened the flood gates to food on a stick.

Chicken on a stick
Chicken on a stick
Wrapped in bacon
Anything wrapped in bacon

Teddy Roosevelt’s quote, “Speak softly and carry a big stick…” comes to mind but I’m pretty sure he didn’t foresee the power of the stick when it came to carnival food. The stick became a perfect design for food vendors at every county and state fair. All the better if dipped in a fry bucket deep with hot grease.
Some of my favorites are served on greasy paper plates.

Funnel Cake!
Funnel Cake!

Wrapping your food of choice in a tortilla might be a Texas thing but it does the trick when it comes to walking and eating. German taco anyone? The strangest tortilla wrapped treat might be the crawsaugaes I saw at the July Jubilee in Leakey.

CrawLinks, Crawfish, Sausage wrapped in a tortilla.
CrawLinks, Crawfish, Sausage wrapped in a tortilla.

My all time favorite is green apple snow cones.

Green Apple Snow Cone. Perfect for a hot day.
Green Apple Snow Cone. Perfect for a hot day.

What about you? I’m sure I missed some great foods

7 thoughts on “Favorite Fair Foods?

  1. Jamie Burton

    Everything looked sooooo good. I’m on a diet. The only food on a stick I’m getting right now is cheese. Loved the post.

    1. jolenenavarro

      These are once-in-a-while kind-of foods. They also have fresh cut fruit in a cup, but that didn’t said very exciting. But that is a great question – when on a diet what do you each at the fair, carnival, fiesta or jubilee?

  2. Every year I wonder what someone will think they should fry up for the State Fair. If it exists, someone has fried it. Crazy!

    I think funnel cakes are my favorite fair food.

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