A Day of Kilts and Music

As Americans we take pride in our roots – our connections to the lands of our ancestors.

I’m a classic European mix of German, French, English, Irish and Scottish.   Oh, Scotland, there are unfounded rumors that we might even have a direct line to the Robert the Bruce from his daughter’s son through Thomas Crawford. Who knows, but it is an exciting heritage to have flowing through your blood.

All that aside, you don’t  have to have any Scottish blood to appreciate a man in a kilt. What is the fascination we have with the Scottish vernacular and tartans? Anyone running to the local German fest to see the men in Lederhosens? No we love the kilt. Even with pink and ruffles they still look manly.

Kevin McKidd
Kevin McKidd
Gerald Butler in pink with a leather kilt.
Gerald Butler in pink with a leather kilt.
Sean Connery
Sean Connery

So with high hopes,  my daughter, Storm, and I set out to explore our love of all things Scottish. Well, maybe not all things, the food…not so much.

haggis and mash Uhm…Back to the men in Kilts….


That’s better. So we headed off to the Highland Games of San Antonio in Helotes Texas.


We started off in the Viking Village where warriors where facing off.


We saw young girls dancing.


Kilts, Kilts and more Kilts for sale.

Kilts While in this tent, I did see a large firefighter type guy wearing a t-shirt,  work boots and a very nice kilt. His arms around the shoulders of a blond girl of nine or ten years, standing in front of him.  We overheard him asking the scottish sellsman about formal shoes and a jacket to go with his kilt.  The little girl smiled as her dad explained, they had a Daughter/Father dance to go to and she asked him to wear his kilt.  He wanted to dress up his kilt for the dance. I thought of the wonderful memories and photos they would treasure  and the wedding he might even wear it to one day. 

My daughter got her own kilt. (she has always had the attitude.);)

Storm Navarro

Tried to convince my sons that kilts would be an awesome change for next years prom,  we’ll see.

I did have a cousin that got married in a kilt, on the beach. How romantic is that?

The story teller in me loves the idea of a kilt wearing groom on a beach,waiting for his bride.

Logan and Liege Kensing 2012
Logan and Liege Kensing 2012
Logan and Liege Kensing 2012
Logan and Liege Kensing 2012

(I couldn’t post just one.)

*Sigh.  Oh, back to the Highland games. The music was great from local, traditional music

Local Group

to high energy  music of Celtica – Rocks Pipes. http://www.celticarocks.com//en/home 

Celtica - Pipes Rock
Celtica – Pipes Rock
Celtica - Pipes Rock
Celtica – Pipes Rock

Celtica - Pipes Rock

 It is always fun to discover something new and now I’m a huge fan to this fun mix of rock and bag pipes.   The kilts and black vest aren’t bad either. We did go to see the kilts, after all.

We’ll be going back next year. You never know who you’re going to meet when you go out to a new event. So go out and have a new experience.

People at the highland gamesDo you have a favorite event or festival? Maybe you  just go to kilt… oh I mean people watch?

8 thoughts on “A Day of Kilts and Music

  1. Love it, Jolene. I’m sorry I missed Celtica that day – maybe next year. I’m going to have to special-order the fabric if I ever want a kilt – Blair is not a tartan routinely available.

    1. jolenenavarro

      In my many hours of research I found the men of Scottland wore differnt colors and plaids. Kevin Mckidd has three I found him wearing on line. So just go with your favorite! I’m working on my son to go with the purple next year for prom. I’m not even sure what the Crawford’s looks like. Thanks for stoping by.

  2. Who doesn’t love a kilt? I have a friend who is all about his Scottish heritage. He missed our wedding so he could go to the games. His formal attire is always his kilt. And I agree with Kinley–those wedding pictures are gorgeous!

  3. Joni Hahn aka Sophie Greyson

    This was an awesome post, Jolene! I love all of the pictures. I want to go next year, too. It looks like alot of fun. I expect to see you in a kilt at the awards ceremony in December.

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