In Love with Anti-Valentine War Movies

I write love stories. Therefore, Valentine’s Day should be like my National Holiday, right? Wrong. It is the one and only day I will go to a war movie. Twenty-seven years ago, I had my first Valentine’s Day date with the man that would become my life mate. I wanted to see Say Anything.


but he wanted to see Platoon.

I was young and giddy with love so as any girl would do I agreed to see his movie.
I hate war movies and avoid them at all cost, but I have to say Platoon was one of the best movies I had ever seen.
Hey, I grew up on Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club. I do love my happy endings and war movies by their very nature do not have happy endings.

That compromise began a tradition. It would become our anti-Valentine war movie date. Over the years, we went on to see Good Morning Vietnam, Glory and Saving Private Ryan to name a few.
It helped that Glory starred Mr. Denzel Washington, 6a00d83451c20869e200e54f1231078833-800wi
but I digress.

These are all movies that I would never had bought a ticket to see, but worth every dime. There is a great deal to learn about human nature in a well done war movie. There are images that stay planted in my mind, such as floating body parts. Does it make me a better person to get out of my comfort zone and leave my safe world of happy ever after? Maybe.

I have to tell you, it is not always easy to find a war movie during February. This year we lucked out with Zero Dark Thirty.Zero-Dark-Thirty
Can’t wait. She says with a lopsided grin and one eyebrow raised. It has worked for us for Twenty-seven years now, so I’m not messing with a good thing.

Do you have a traditional Valentine tradition or Anti-Valentine tradition?
While we’re talking about it let me know if you have seen any good war movie lately. (Good War –is that an oxymoron?) Do you have a favorite war movie?

18 thoughts on “In Love with Anti-Valentine War Movies

  1. lynettemburrows

    Hi, Jolene! My only tradition is to be anti-tradition. I went though a period of time when I wanted to ignore the Valentine’s Day celebration thing entirely. But my husband is a romantic and just could not ignore it, so I’ve been won over – at least to exchange a card and a small token. But that’s no different that what can happen at any time during the year. yup. He’s a keeper. 🙂

    1. jolenenavarro

      Yes, I agree when you love someone you should let them know all year long. While in art school I would wear black on V-Day. 😀

  2. kinleybaker

    Love this post! I think that’s a super romantic tradition. I’m like you. I like my fun movies. But I’ve learned the most from movies I never would have chosen without my husband. 🙂

  3. Very interesting idea, Anti-Valentine’s Day! You may have started a new tradition for some of your readers! 🙂 I can’t recommend any movies for you but have you thought about renting an older movie to watch on VDay? There are some old movies that are really fabulous- I’m talking before you were born/ when you were a baby, movies.-:)
    Great post!

    1. jolenenavarro

      The best part was going out without our four kids! LOL Now that they are older staying in to watch a movie would be fun. Any good ones before 1970 come to mind?

    1. jolenenavarro

      Oh I get my chocolate along with popcorn – I love mixing milkduds with M&M and popcorn (no butter hahah) I got to see Say Anything later. Mr. D&H is good about seeing non-war movies too.

  4. I love your Valentine’s Day movie tradition! When we got married more than 20 years ago, we didn’t have extra money to spend on a commercialized holiday–for us it seemed forced and silly, so we don’t do anything much. Maybe a card. We love each other everyday.

  5. Linda Kirkpatrick

    Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a new tradition for Valentines Day!!
    Congrats to you on this really neat blog and your soon to be released book!

    1. jolenenavarro

      Just keep it out of your hair -lol – I use to use a heart shaped cookie cutter for the kids PJ snadwitches. Can’t wait to have a book signing with you!

  6. Well, my ex liked to listen to Spanish music, not necessarily love songs, but he did lead me into music I’d never listened to before and have liked ever since. As for movies, my sons took me to see ‘Troy’. Ugh! Ok, Brad Pitt was in it, but I don’t like (hate, really) movies, which depict hand-to-hand combat with knives. I watched through my fingers during those scenes. LOL Good blog topic, Jolene!

    1. jolenenavarro

      It is good for the men in our lives to force us out of our comfort zones…once a year. Have to say I never listened to Spanish music either until my husband introduced me to it…Love to dance to it. But for some reason I get a headache if we are in the car listneing to it. Ha…

  7. What a great post! Personally, I love war movies and action/adventures are my favs. The hubby and I don’t really have a Valentines tradition. I lost my father on Valentines Day many, many years ago so it has always been a downer for me. Besides, my Valentine is beside me *every* day. I’m a lucky woman. 🙂

    1. jolenenavarro

      Sorry about your dad. I lost father during my oldest daughter’s birthday party. We use to have these huge parties and I realized a couple of years ago my boys had never had those kind of parties. We did family things but nothing big with tons of friends and renting out large areas. I think it was because of the call abopuot the plane crash. Our brains are tricky things.
      I go agree that the people we love should hear and see that everyday. You are a lucky women – livin’ the dream with the man of your dreams. Thanks for stopping by.

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